South Florida Pain and Rehabilitation Center

End Your Back Pain Today

South Florida Pain & Rehabilitation Center is conveniently located in cities throughout the Dade, Broward and Palm Beach areas. We know how stressful accidents and injuries can be. So we do everything possible to reduce stress and smooth the road to your recovery. Our highly advanced therapy equipment and techniques will help heal your injuries. We'll even pick you up!  Contact us today for free transportation to any of our ten locations .

South Florida Pain and Rehabilitation Center

Are you in Pain? We Can Help

Has an auto injury, slip and fall, or work related injury left you in pain? Begin to say goodbye to the needless suffering by visiting any one of our  South Florida Pain & Rehabilitation Centers today.

We know how hard it is to find a health professional who takes the time and makes the effort to understand your individual  health care needs.  One who knows the most current techniques and correctly addresses your specific  problems. We understand that every patient’s case is unique and although our patients may be diagnosed with similar conditions their responses to treatments will differ. Our experience over many years  here at South Florida Pain & Rehabilitation Center has helped countless patients achieve positive results where previous therapy had failed. With our help they  found lasting relief with the help of our physical therapy, chiropractic and medical pain management services.

We begin with  a complete diagnostic examination and utilize a variety of treatment services at all of our South Florida locations. We provide expert medical evaluation and treatment plans to help alleviate pain, numbness and weakness, and to fit  individual needs, such as physical disabilities. Our specialized care is available for a variety of musculo-skeletal or neuro-muscular injuries, whether  sports , work or automobile  related injuries.



In South Florida Pain & Rehabilitation Center are a good team of hard working people that are dedicated to making people feel better by taking the pain out. They are excellent.

- Tamara R

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South Florida Pain and Rehabilitation Center offers free transportation to any of our ten locations.
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