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South Florida Pain & Rehabilitation Center offers services to help your entire family live a health and pain-free life. Get the care and therapy your family deserves. We offer conservative gentile treatments such as chiropractic care, physical therapy ,and  massage. We also handle the more difficult cases in which we integrate interventional pain management to your treatment plan which include medications, and a variety of surgical procedures.  Most cases covered by insurance. Free consultation and transportation available.

South Florida Pain and Rehabilitation Center

Are you in Pain? We Can Help

Has an auto injury, slip and fall, or work related injury left you in pain? Begin to say goodbye to the needless suffering by visiting any one of our  South Florida Pain & Rehabilitation Centers today.

We know how hard it is to find a health professional who takes the time and makes the effort to understand your individual  health care needs.  One who knows the most current techniques and correctly addresses your specific  problems. We understand that every patient’s case is unique and although our patients may be diagnosed with similar conditions their responses to treatments will differ. Our experience over many years  here at South Florida Pain & Rehabilitation Center has helped countless patients achieve positive results where previous therapy had failed. With our help they  found lasting relief with the help of our physical therapy, chiropractic and medical pain management services.

We begin with  a complete diagnostic examination and utilize a variety of treatment services at all of our South Florida locations. We provide expert medical evaluation and treatment plans to help alleviate pain, numbness and weakness, and to fit  individual needs, such as physical disabilities. Our specialized care is available for a variety of musculo-skeletal or neuro-muscular injuries, whether  sports , work or automobile  related injuries.



South Florida Pain & Rehabilitation Center has made a huge impact on my life. From the moment I walked in, the whole team has shown me nothing but dedication to my wellbeing. The staff is very friendly and willing to do their best to ensure your recovery. Thank you!

- Jose L

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South Florida Pain and Rehabilitation Center offers free transportation to any of our ten locations.
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